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Since 1 May 2021, I have been practising REGRESSION THERAPY in addition to EMDR_Therapy, CBT, Ericksonian Hypnosis and RTT-Hypnosis.

These different therapeutic tools aim not only to neutralise negative events / or traumas of the present life, but also to neutralise the events / traumas / ways of functioning of our ancestors. Thanks to these therapeutic and psycho-genealogical tools, family reproductions and patterns are neutralised. Cognitive behavioural therapy in combination with hypnosis tools then enables us to reprogram our brain to the functional patterns of our choice. These new functional patterns, programmed in our primal and emotional -brain, become intuitive and unconscious in this way. This is what we call in psychology “the ideal state”. In this way we can develop a healthy, balanced and POSITIVE life of our choice.

This holistic/hollistic therapy aims at the harmony between our spirit, soul, psyche, body and energy fields. It brings about balance and in harmony with ourselves and our environment!

We achieve this “ideal state” of general harmony within the framework of short and strategic therapies (5-7 sessions) with a result rate of more than 90%. For this we work as a team in which everyone is an experienced health expert. 

Here is an example of the course of a therapy over 7 sessions:

  • 1st session: anamnesis and implementation of the intervention protocol of the different specialists and planning.
  • 2nd session: discussion and prioritisation of the different issues to be addressed and the protocols to be implemented: treatment of the 1st priority.
  • 3rd session: treatment of the 2nd priority
  • 4th session: Treatment of other remaining topics
  • 5th session: discussion of new functional patterns and the “ideal state”.
  • 6th session: Programming of new functional patterns
  • 7th session: debriefing on the achievement of the “Ideal State”.

* In case of complex / multiple traumas and / or medication therapy may require more than 7 sessions.


For anyone (from infants to children – including toddlers, adolescents and young adults) with emotional disturbances usually associated with multiple disorders. These can be “obvious” traumas with a capital “T”, such as physical and psychological violence, sexual abuse, serious accidents, deaths, illnesses, fires, natural disasters, emergencies, war and attacks … but they are mostly difficult life events that remain asymptomatic for the time being; the source of emotional fluctuations or inappropriate or excessive behaviour in everyday life; anxiety attacks, panic attacks, depression, burnout etc.. Disease patterns which are sometimes triggered years and decades after these negative experiences. (disturbed childhood, separations, miscarriages and abortions, grief, professional difficulties etc.). These emotional disorders express themselves in a wide variety of forms: Irritability, anxiety, nightmares, tendency to isolation, depressive state, agitated or even violent behaviour, physical pain, somatisation, regressions of a child that may be associated with a difficult birth or even complications during pregnancy…. but these “visible” symptoms are usually only the visible part of the iceberg. We are holistic beings of great complexity; Our physical body, our energetic bodies, our psyche/brain and our biochemistry and bio-energy, form an extraordinary whole, a hollistic unity. All the more we are holistically sensitive to disturbances. When one of these parameters is disturbed, all other aspects of our being begin to dysfunction.


Our scientists, through their research, have made us aware and proved that man is part of a whole and is himself in a delicate balance between his environment and himself. Einstein himself, with his quantum physics, has shown us how important it is to be POSITIVE in our present in order to be able to generate a positive future. The foundations of quantum physics are based on the polarities between cosmos and tellurium, on the balance between + and -.  In order for humans to maintain this balance and balance the polarity between + and -, we need to function in a closed energy circuit without leakage to be able to trigger our self-healing mechanism. This enables people to heal themselves from the vast majority of their physical or mental disorders.When our polarity is disturbed and we no longer regenerate ourselves, physical and psychological disorders occur. The symptoms of this imbalance are e.g. insomnia, fatigue, depression, anxiety, tension, aggressiveness, etc.), and worsen if not treated to severe psychological and physical. There are many reasons for these dysfunctions: environmental pollution, geopathogenic points (Hartmann and Curie), electromagnetic waves, etc. These disturbances of our natural circuits, our energy fields, meridians, energetic and magnetic bodies, chakras, etc. cause the NON-REGENERATION of our being and our psyche. This is the reason why we in our therapeutic accompaniment, as a team, each in his field of expertise, take over the recovery hollistically in its entirety. Thus we achieve a recovery rate of over 90% within a very short time.

We achieve this “ideal state” of general harmony within the framework of short and strategic therapies (5-7 sessions) with a result rate of more than 90%. For this we work as a team in which everyone is an experienced health expert. 

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